Directed Attention

I’m bringing over a few posts from my old blog. The links are slightly outdated, but they’re still fairly interesting.

You could be arrested for adding that to your pasta: I always worry that I’m going to make a big error in my school work that will cost me a grade, or a mistake at work that could be costly or embarrassing. Now, any  writing error I make seems rather minuscule compared to the costly and offensive mistake of this Australian publisher. Perhaps it is difficult to proof read cook books, but given this isn’t a cookbook for racist cannibals, I’m pretty sure this one is easy to catch.  

Will your past always haunt you? Roman Polanski has been in the news a lot recently. So much in fact that I named my aloe vera plant Roman Plantski. While my plant just has to deal failure of my watering skills, the real Roman is still dealing with a sexual assault case from 1978. I don’t have much sympathy for him in this case; however, the girl who he was convicted of assaulting has lived with this case over her head for her entire adult life. Should she be able to have a say in whether or not the case should continue? Or does her desire to have her life back impede the justice process? My call, the justice system needs to prevail. While it is damaging to the woman’s psyche, it is far more damaging to create the precedent which could lead to more victims. 

Cant text that? Anyway who has ever had a work email account or cell phone is aware that companies and organizations have policies on using work property for personal uses. Should they? or does it violate the right to privacy? What about the person on the other end of the message? Do they have the right to assume that their message will be read only by the person on the other end? The supreme court is looking into it.


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Erin is a communications specialist living in Vancouver. She became obsessed with the social contract in university and will not be friends with you if you don't follow it. You can also call her Red Erin. Find her on twitter at @reddekoppter
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