Can I have your attention please

I love Skytrain; I love the speed; I love how often it runs, even late at night; I love how easily Translink can respond to increases in ridership with increases in service and I love the security presence on the trains and at the stations. All of the things I love are directly related to the fact that the trains are driverless; however, it still frightens me that the trains don’t have a driver. It might be all the Sci-Fi I watch, but I always worry that there will be some mechanical failure. This fear is compounded when I read about mechanical and technical failures in other countries. I always worry that something like this is going to happen because of some kind of Transit Fail.

BC is famous for forest fires and it is almost as famous for never putting aside enough of the budget to pay for fighting these fires. As fires rage on in the interior of BC and the province goes at least $4 million dollars over budget there is something to be thankful for. At least BC residents don’t have to worry about radioactivity in the air; even with only a small risk, I prefer not having to worry that the air I’m breathing might cause me to grow gills.

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s a superbug with no cure.

With the the federal government abolishing the long form census, there has been a lot of grumblings about the state of democracy in Canada. Luckily, with the exception of Alberta where you have to buy a Conservative Party membership to vote for the Premier, Canada still remains. Burma on the other hand just pretends to be a democracy. Being jailed for your political views is something Canadians don’t have to worry about that, or is it.

I think women deserve flowers for this. I like orchids.

This has always been one of my favourite pictures and now it is a meaningful way to commemorate World War II. It makes me wish I was in New York.


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Erin is a communications specialist living in Vancouver. She became obsessed with the social contract in university and will not be friends with you if you don't follow it. You can also call her Red Erin. Find her on twitter at @reddekoppter
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