Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Airport security has always scared me. When I was little I used to purposely leave tinfoil in my pockets to see if the metal detectors would go off. They never did. I haven’t tried it recently; normally I’m racing to catch my flight.

I was scanning the Twittersphere today and noticed a Tweet by Douglas Coupland where he said he was cleaning out his carry-on luggage and found a sharp stabby knife that had made it through security. I know this isn’t the first time this has happened to someone.

The same thing happened to my father a few years ago. He used to fly between our home in Edmonton and his home in Ottawa about every two weeks. When he had moved apartments in Ottawa he had put a butcher’s knife in his carry-on to take to the new place and being my absent-minded father promptly forgot it was in there. The carry-on luggage probably made about 10 round trips between Edmonton and Ottawa until my mother discovered it when she was borrowing the luggage for a trip.

How does this happen? How do people get on planes with weapons when my former roommate can’t even get through with tooth paste and I get questioned for 10 minute in Bangkok about my hairbrush. It literally doesn’t make sense.

We’re so busy installing all these new devices to make flying “safer” and we can’t even properly use the ones we have. Perhaps that is what we should focus on next rather than making up stupid rules and restrictions.


About Reddekoppter

Erin is a communications specialist living in Vancouver. She became obsessed with the social contract in university and will not be friends with you if you don't follow it. You can also call her Red Erin. Find her on twitter at @reddekoppter
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